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Ananda Hum

Complete Alignment Yoga Props Set for Home Practice - Get 7% Off!

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Elevate your home yoga practice to a new level of perfection with our Ultimate Alignment Yoga Props Set. Designed to help you achieve optimal alignment and reach your full potential, this comprehensive set of props is a must-have for dedicated Iyengar yoga practitioners.

Experience the joy of creating your very own yoga studio right in the comfort of your home. Our meticulously selected assortment of props is perfect for enhancing your practice and deepening your yoga journey.

Each set includes:

  • 2 Organic Wood Yoga Blocks: Crafted from premium organic wood, these yoga blocks provide sturdy support, stability, and comfort during your asanas.

  • 1 Cotton Yoga Strap: This durable cotton strap assists in stretching, extending, and maintaining proper alignment in various poses.

  • 1 Door Yoga Stretch Strap: Designed to fit seamlessly into any door frame, this strap is a game-changer for deepening your stretches and improving flexibility.

  • 1 Yoga Bolster: The natural filling yoga bolster offers exceptional support and comfort, making it perfect for restorative poses and meditation.

  • 1 Yoga Chair: Our yoga chair is specially designed to facilitate precise alignment in standing and seated poses, allowing you to explore your practice in new ways.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to acquire the essential yoga props set for Iyengar yoga enthusiasts. Take advantage of our limited-time offer and get 7% off the normal price. Contact us today if you'd like to customize your set or add additional accessories. Elevate your practice, achieve perfect alignment, and transform your home into your own personal yoga sanctuary with our Ultimate Yoga Alignment Props Set.