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Ananda Hum

Yoga Portable Door Sling: Elevate Your Practice with Ease

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Colour: green

Enhance your yoga practice with our Yoga Portable Sling, a versatile tool designed to help you improve and relax in various poses. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting your journey, this innovative accessory is a game-changer.

The Yoga Sling is particularly beneficial in poses like the downward-facing dog, where it aids in stretching your pelvis upward while simultaneously extending your upper body forward. Achieve deeper stretches and better alignment with ease.

This complete set is designed for convenience, allowing you to use it on a door, fixed bar, or even a sturdy tree. Rest assured, it's completely safe and won't damage your doors. No complicated installation is required; simply place it between the door and doorframe, ensuring the door is securely closed.

Say goodbye to the traditional Iyengar yoga rope – our Yoga Sling serves as a versatile replacement in various postures, including adho mukha svanasana and uttanasana. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes in your practice.

Take it with you wherever you go! Whether you're on vacation or at a local park, easily hang it from a hook or tree branch (see photos) to maintain your practice routine.

For step-by-step guidance and inspiration, explore our YouTube playlist, where you can find examples of how to maximize the benefits of your Yoga Door Sling. Elevate your practice and experience newfound flexibility and relaxation today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Johan Cure

Muy recomendable, un lugar donde encuentras herramientas para la practica de yoga, ademas de sus productos de primera calidad, el servicio es exelente.

Guénola Pinel
Excellent !



Cela faisait plusieurs mois que je pensais à mettre des cordes à mon mur pour ma pratique de Iyengar. Mais je suis tombée sur ce produit et cette sangle fait exactement le même job. C'est très pratique, on peut la prendre avec nous de partout.

Cristina Teruel

I’m new to this prop and so far I’m loving it. Great for my stretches, easy to install, portable and great quality. The videos on her Instagram and webpage were very helpful.

Evelyn Kurth
Great for Iyengar, even Seniors!

Use this daily (adjusting the length of strap as needed). It enhances and makes more accessible all (Geeta) Iyengar arm work, downward facing dog, standing poses, etc. Even hang with it planting my feet on door frame - so as not to push my weight into the door itself - into a modified inverted staff pose (legs a bit wider than hip distance apart). Great fun for daily Iyengar practice.

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback Evelyn!