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Ananda Hum

Yoga Stretch Strap for Door

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Colour: green

Yoga Strap to help you improve and relax in poses. It is a great help in downward facing dog pose where your pelvis needs to stretch upwards while your upper body stretches forward.

Complete set to be used on door, fixed bar or tree. Totally safe, does not damage doors. It does not require any mounting, just place it between the door and doorframe and ensure the door is well shut. 

I use it as a replacement of the traditional iyengar yoga rope in many postures such as adho mukha svanasana or uttanasana. It works wonders! When on holiday, I pack it along and use it on a hook or tree branch (check photos).

You can check my youtube playlist to get examples of how to use your yoga door sling.

Customer Reviews

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Cristina OT

I’m new to this prop and so far I’m loving it. Great for my stretches, easy to install, portable and great quality. The videos on her Instagram and webpage were very helpful.

Evelyn Kurth
Great for Iyengar, even Seniors!

Use this daily (adjusting the length of strap as needed). It enhances and makes more accessible all (Geeta) Iyengar arm work, downward facing dog, standing poses, etc. Even hang with it planting my feet on door frame - so as not to push my weight into the door itself - into a modified inverted staff pose (legs a bit wider than hip distance apart). Great fun for daily Iyengar practice.

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback Evelyn!

Vraiment Top

Accessoire super facile à installer et facile à emporter partout. Je pratique le yoga Iyengar et c´est l´accessoire idéal pour remplacer les cordes à la maison.

Malika Ngaragba
Very convenient and easy to install. A great alternative Iyengar straps !

Very convenient and easy to install. A great alternative Iyengar straps !

Great Service + Fast delivery.

Easy to install, it is great to extemd and relax in down dog.