About Us

Welcome to Ananda Hum, your online sanctuary for all things yoga!

I'm Leslie, a passionate yoga practitioner with years of experience on the mat. My continuous quest for products that embody the values of yoga led me to create this unique space. At Ananda Hum, you'll find not just products, but a community that cherishes authenticity, comfort, and a deep connection with nature.

In our carefully curated corner, we present a range of products that go beyond the ordinary. Each item has been chosen with love and attention, prioritizing organic, biodegradable, and artisanal qualities, all in harmony with the principles of ahimsa. We believe that selecting products that respect our planet is a natural extension of our yoga practice.

Whether you're seeking accessories to elevate your practice or garments that embrace you like a loving embrace, you'll discover everything you need here. From props that accompany you in every asana to beautiful Iyengar-style shorts and yoga apparel that seamlessly blends style and functionality.

Ananda Hum is more than an online store; it's a haven for yogis who value quality, sustainability, and self-care. We invite you to explore and uncover how each choice you make in our store reflects your commitment to a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

May your practice be filled with joy and discovery!

Namaste, Leslie - info@ananda-hum.com