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Ananda Hum

Yoga Chair

Regular price $60.00 USD
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  • Open: 74 x 47 x 45 cm
  • Folded: 96 x 47 x 7cm

Colour: silver - Material: Steel with silver epoxy treatment
Weight: 3.5kgs
Can be stacked

Enhance your yoga practice and unlock new possibilities with our foldable yoga chair. Whether you're a beginner seeking to perfect your poses or an advanced practitioner looking to deepen your practice, this chair is your best friend. It helps open your chest, lengthen your back, and provides essential support for Iyengar yoga enthusiasts.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this yoga chair is crafted with professional quality and durability in mind. Made of steel with a silver epoxy treatment, it is highly resistant and built to last. The chair is equipped with anti-vibration studs that ensure stability and grip during your practice. When folded and stored against a wall, the studs prevent it from sliding and falling to the ground, allowing for convenient storage, especially in yoga studios where space is valuable.

Meeting European regulation UNE EN-581, this chair is manufactured with the highest standards of quality and safety. Its sleek silver color adds a touch of elegance to your yoga space. With a weight of 3.5kgs, it is lightweight and easy to move around. Additionally, these chairs can be stacked, making storage even more efficient.

For comprehensive guidance on using a yoga chair, we recommend the brilliant book "A Chair for Yoga" by Eyal Shifroni, available as an optional add-on with your purchase. It provides detailed instructions and insights to help you make the most of your yoga chair.

Discover the benefits of incorporating a yoga chair into your practice by reading our informative article. And to get started, explore our gentle yoga sequence specifically designed for the Iyengar chair.

Unlock new dimensions in your yoga practice with our versatile and reliable yoga chair. Perfect for practitioners of all levels, it's time to elevate your yoga journey.

You can also read my article on why use a yoga chair

And here is a gentle yoga sequence using an Iyengar chair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Johan Cure

Yoga Chair

my 2nd yoga chair

first one broke when family member used as a step ladder. it's a must-have for yoga practice.


J'ai commandé deux chaises et je suis ravie. Elles sont parfaites pour ma pratique de Iyengar. Je recommande !

Lisa Hayka
Sheer pin snapped

I purchased two of these chairs several years ago for my home practice. Yesterday, I pulled the rarely used chair out sit down at a table, when I sat down the rear hinge pin sheared and the seat bent. I am hoping they can sell me a sheer pin to repair the chair. I know that they used to sell extra rubber boots for the chair legs.

The sheer pins are hollow.

I loved these chairs but now I'm scared to trust them for shoulder stands.

Lilian Aurel
the seat

Hello, I am a little bit disappointed the chair, particularly the seat itself, it’s too slippery. I ordered this chair for the practice of meditation. It’s practically impossible to stay on it because of the slippery seat.