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Ananda Hum

Yoga blanket - Recycled Acrylic Fibers

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Traditionally woven blanket made of recycled acrylic fibres. They are strong and durable (do not break easily as would cheap-woven covers).

Use to correct or adapt yoga poses or to cover while meditating. You can also roll 2 or 3 together into a bolster like shape. Learn how to make a homemade yoga bolster using 2 blankets in this article.

Eco Friendly, this yoga blanket is made of 100% recycled acrylic and following a clean manufacturing process (no water pollution).

Available in grey with blue lines. For orders from 10 we can supply in grey with red, blue or green lines.

Dimensions: 140 x 200cm

Material: 100% recycled acrylic.

Wash prior to use to remove possible lint (from recycled fibres).