How to Make a Homemade Yoga Bolster

use blankets to make yoga bolster
Did you know you could make a yoga bolster using blankets? It is quick, easy and free if your already have blankets (or at least cheaper than buying a bolster). It also reduces the amount of yoga accessories and storage needed.

Here is how to proceed:

- Fold 2 yoga blankets into a rectangular shape (the smaller side should be about 60/65cm long). To create this homemade yoga bolster, I used 2 Ananda Hum yoga blankets which are quite thick. You might need an extra one if the blankets you are using are not as thinner. The diameter should measure about 20/25cm.

- Then roll the first blanket tightly into a cylinder shape.

- Now roll the second yoga blanket around the cylinder you created (tightly). Repeat with another blanket if needed.

- Your homemade yoga bolster is ready!

You can use this homemade bolster until you get a "proper" one. Check out our yoga bolster here.

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