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Getting to know the Ropes of Yoga Kurunta

What is Rope Yoga?

Yoga ropes are commonly used in yoga studios. BKS Iyengar made a thourough study and complete method around them, calling this technique yoga kurunta (puppet yoga).

What are the benefits of yoga ropes?

Ropes are a great and cheap yoga accessory that allows to deepen your poses and stretch further using natural gravity. The body is able to open more allowing joints as well as organs (spine, diaphragm, intestines, sacrum, hips etc) to be freed from the weight they normally have to bear. Apart from this relief, the space created letsblood and other fluids circulate better and more freely. Joints get well nourrished as a consequence.

I just feel like hanging up-side-down from writing all these benefits ;-)!

How to Rope Yoga

Here, I wanted to share with you some great information on yoga kurunta:

1- A video by Geeta Iyengar, BKS Iyengar's daughter explaining why yoga ropes are so important in yoga. Here are some of the quotes by Geeta that caught my attention:

"yoga kurunta breaks the barrier of the mind" (she believes they help develop courage, it takes us where we think we cannot go)

“Backbend is going from the known to the unknown” (important role of the ropes providing a support)

2- An online Yoga Kurunta Class by Desa Yogi, certified Senior Iyengar Teacher, who has many great lessons available on her Youtube channel.

3- A free downlodable guide to setting-up your yoga ropes from the US website, which also sells a complete guide to using yoga ropes.

1 - Geeta Iyengar on Yoga Kurunta

2 - Online Wall Rope Yoga with Desa Yogi 

yoga ropes set up guide

3 - Downlodable Guide to Setting Up your Yoga Ropes

Click the link to view your free yoga kurunta set up guide.

You might also be interested in this great portable alternative to yoga ropes.

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