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Ananda Hum

Yoga Cards to Learn Postures

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This deck of 60 cards is simply great to help memorize yoga poses!

It is the perfect tool to look up a yoga pose name, check how to adjust using Iyengar yoga props (yoga blocks, belts etc) or build a sequence to focus on a particular part of your body. It 

I discovered these yoga cards a couple of years ago and I now know all the yoga poses names. I also pack it in my suitcase whenever I go on holiday to get inspiration and build new yoga sequences.

Pocket Sized: 9 * 12 * 3cm / 3.5 * 4.5 * 1.1''

Languages: bilingual English/Spanish

Cares for the environment - Made of 100% recycled paper.

For more information, check this blog post: yoga cards, a great tool!