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  • wellness yoga kit
  • sustainable yoga mat
  • yoga kit cotton strap
  • cork yoga massage ball
  • relaxing eye pillow
  • yoga bolster
  • handmade ceramic incense holder
  • organic cork yoga mat
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Ananda Hum

Yin Restorative Yoga Kit

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A yoga kit designed to reach total relaxation. Perfect if you wish to practice restorative yoga, mindfulness, meditation or any gentle and relaxing yoga session to pamper both your body and your soul.

This restorative yoga kits takes you on an inner journey towards peace and quiet. It includes:

- a yoga mat: beautiful organic cork mat.
- a yoga cork massage ball: to remove body knots and tensions.
- a yoga strap: be gentle to your body and use a strap to reach where your hand cannot reach.
- a yoga bolster: organic cotton with natural organic filling to provide support and relax into restorative yoga poses.
- a yoga eye pillow: a scented soft eye pillow to remove yourself from visual inputs, help relax and deepdive into your essence.
- an incense holder: a true piece of art to accompany the ritual of incense burning.
- incense sticks: 10 nagchampa scented sticks organic and traditionnaly handmade in India.