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Ananda Hum

Walnut, volcanic stone & tiger eye Japa Mala

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exquisite Meditation Mala, meticulously crafted with a combination of 108 natural walnut, volcanic, and tiger eye stones. This captivating bead arrangement is designed to enhance your meditation practice and bring focus to your mind.

The tiger eye beads possess powerful properties that aid in dissolving fear and anxiety, promoting inner harmony and balance. While the mesmerizing black volcanic stones effortlessly attract positive vibrations and provide emotional stability, allowing you to dive deeper into your meditation journey.

Each bead in this mala is carefully handpicked for its superior quality, ensuring a truly remarkable experience. Our japa malas are lovingly handmade in Spain, infusing them with a touch of authentic craftsmanship.

To enhance durability, a knot is carefully placed between each bead (excluding the walnut beads), ensuring that the beads remain secure even if the mala encounters any wear over time.

Embark on a profound meditative experience with our Meditation Mala, and discover the transformative power of these exquisite natural stones. Handmade with love, this mala becomes a cherished companion on your spiritual path.

Learn more about meditation japa malas here.

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Cesare De Angelis
Thanks so much

Thanks so much for the fast shipping and thank you for the quality of your product.