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Ananda Hum

Spirituality Japa Mala - 108 Beads

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Beads diameter: 8mm

A meditation mala especially designed to promote inner growth, emotional strength and relaxation.

The mix of gemstones and wood is beautiful, with tones of shiny black, brown and the lovely moonstone opalescent white. It is made of natural hematite, moonstone and wood beads. The meru bead at the bottom is a buddha head carved in a hematite stone.

Hematite: provides strength and removes negativity/anxiety. Balances mind, body and spirit energies and heals pain.

Moonstone: stabilizes emotions, boosts inner growth and relaxes.

The beads are carefully selected for the best quality. Your japa mala is handmade with love in Spain. It comes with a lovely storing pouch.

There is a knot between each bead to prevent beads from falling off if the mala ever broke in the long run.

Learn more about japa malas here.

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Fácil de manejar

Este japa mala es fácil de manejar, y su tacto es muy agradable. Sus piedras hacen que la meditación sea aún más poderosa. Me encanta llevarlo puesto después de meditar, es precioso!