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  • ritual kit to elevate your spirit
  • sage smudge for purification
  • selenite stone for ritual
  • Spirit ritual kit
  • selenite crystal, sage, palo santo kit
  • spirit elevation ritual kit
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Ananda Hum

Selenite Spirit Ritual Kit for Sacred Ritual

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Elevate Your Spirit: Selenite Spirit Kit with Sacred Ritual

Are you ready to elevate your spiritual journey and connect with your higher self? Our Selenite Spirit Kit is here to guide you on this transformative path.


  • 1 Raw Selenite crystal
  • 1 Palo Santo stick
  • 1 White Sage Smudge
  • Ritual instructions
  • Cotton Pouch
  • Lovely Carton Gift/Storage Box

Selenite, known for its strong spiritual associations, serves as the centerpiece of this kit. Its high vibrational energy can help elevate your own frequency, leading you to a state of heightened consciousness. This powerful crystal is also adept at clearing and purifying your energy field, removing any obstacles that hinder your spiritual growth.

In addition to the radiant Selenite crystal, this kit includes a Palo Santo stick and White Sage to further enhance your spiritual practice. These sacred tools are renowned for their ability to cleanse and purify your space, making it a sanctuary for spiritual expansion.

But that's not all – each kit contains a special ritual, carefully curated to help you unlock the full potential of these mystical elements. It's a chance for you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and raise your vibration to new heights.

With our Selenite Spirit Kit, you can meditate, carry these sacred tools with you, or create an environment at home or in your office that nurtures your spiritual growth. Elevate your spirit and connect with your higher self with this exceptional kit – it's your gateway to a brighter, more enlightened you.

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