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Organic Cork Massage Ball

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Size: 8.5cm diameter (3.35 inches)

Material: 100% organic cork.

Massage balls are the perfect tool to release tight spots and muscle knots in your body.

En effective way to self-massage where your hands cannot reach. Indeed, you can use it while lying down, placing it between your back and the floor, gently moving to release knots in your back and shoulders. Alternatively, you can use it against a wall, placing the massage ball on the trigger point and pressing your body into it to remove knots. Place it under the sole of your feet to release tight spots and relax after a long walk or a stressful day. 

Perform massage for 5 minutes, 1 to 5 times a day.

For more information on using our cork ball for foot massage, please check our blog article: Yoga Foot Massage Ball