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Non-Slippery Organic Cork Yoga Mat - 180 x 60 cm

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Material: Cork and Natural Latex
Thickness: 3 mm
Size: 180 x 60 cm

Great looking high quality yoga mat: organic cork and eco-friendly latex material.

Handmade in Europe. Vegan Yoga accessory.

Non-slippery and waterproof. Features strings to easily fasten it when rolled up.

Cork is soft by nature, yet it is highly resistant and durable. You can jump into yoga poses, use a yoga chair on it and it will not tear. I have been using mine for a year now. Being an Iyengar yoga practitioner, I often use a chair on top of it. I love the fact that unlike plastic yoga mats, it "absorbs" sweat and does not become slippery.

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Customer Reviews

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Brings nature into your practice

This yoga mat helps me to feel closer to nature: the texture, so smooth; the color, so relaxing and the design is really practical and eco-friendly!
Even if I do yoga at home, indoors... it opens my mind to the nature and makes me feel calm and free! Thank you Ananda Hum for this beautiful design!