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Ananda Hum

Premium Set of 4 Cotton Yoga Ropes with Wall Hooks

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-Ropes diameter: 12mm
- Upper (Sirsasana) rope total length: 2,40m (including knot)
- Lower (Adhomukha) rope total length: 1,75m (including knot)

- 4 cotton wall ropes (2 sizes)
- 4 strudy hooks, handpainted
- 16 screws + dowels (Fisher brand)

Are you looking to elevate your yoga practice to new heights? Look no further! Our meticulously crafted set of 4 Cotton Yoga Ropes with 4 Wall Rope Hooks and screws is here to support your journey towards strength, flexibility, and balance. Handmade in the heart of Barcelona, these ropes are the epitome of quality, designed to enhance your yoga experience whether you're an individual enthusiast or a professional studio.

Crafted for Superior Quality:

Our yoga ropes are handcrafted with precision and care, using only the quality cotton materials to ensure softness, durability, and safety during your practice. The result is a set of yoga ropes that not only feel great in your hands but also stand the test of time.

Versatile Usage:

This set includes 4 yoga ropes: 2 lower ropes and 2 upper ropes, each serving a unique purpose. The 2 lower ropes are ideal for poses like Downward Facing Dog, where you need reliable support to deepen your stretches and improve your alignment. The 2 upper ropes, slightly longer, open up a world of possibilities for suspended yoga poses and enhancing your inversion practice.

Safe for Suspended Poses:

These yoga ropes are designed to withstand the demands of suspended yoga poses, but it's crucial to ensure the resistance and stability of your wall. Safety is our top priority, so always use these ropes with a solid and well-mounted anchor point.

Perfect for Studios and Individuals Alike:

Whether you're a yoga studio owner looking to provide your clients with the best equipment or an individual practitioner seeking to take your practice to the next level, our set of 4 Cotton Yoga Ropes is suitable for all. Elevate your yoga sessions with these ropes, and experience the difference in your poses and alignment.

Enhance Your Practice:

With our premium yoga ropes, you can deepen your stretches, improve your balance, and explore new dimensions of your yoga practice. Achieve greater flexibility, build strength, and master challenging poses with the support and guidance of these high-quality ropes.

Don't miss the chance to transform your yoga practice with the finest handmade yoga ropes from Barcelona. Elevate your yoga journey and unlock new possibilities today!

Order your set of 4 Cotton Yoga Ropes with Wall Hooks now and elevate your yoga practice to new heights!

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