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Ananda Hum

Complete Yoga Wall Rope Set - 2 Cotton Ropes, 2 Hooks, Installation Kit

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-Ropes diameter: 12mm
- Upper (Sirsasana) rope total length: 2,40m (including knot)
- Lower (Adhomukha) rope total length: 1,75m (including knot)

- 2 cotton wall ropes (2 sizes)
- 2 strudy hooks, handpainted
- 8 screws + dowels (Fisher brand)

Essential yoga accessory package, designed to elevate your practice and provide you with the perfect toolkit for your yoga journey. This comprehensive set includes 2 cotton wall ropes, in two different sizes, and is complemented by 2 sturdy hooks and 4 screws and dowels for secure installation.

Duo of Cotton Wall Ropes:

In this package, you'll receive 2 cotton wall ropes made in Spain. Crafted with precision and care, these ropes are made from top-quality cotton materials to ensure softness, durability, and safety during your yoga practice. Whether you're an experienced yogi or just starting your journey, these ropes are here to enhance your poses and stretches, providing the reliable support you need.

Robust Hooks and Installation Hardware:

Our set also includes 2 sturdy hooks designed to withstand the demands of suspended yoga poses. These hand-painted hooks are not only functional but also add a touch of elegance to your practice space. Additionally, we provide 4 screws and dowels, all from the trusted Fisher brand, to ensure a secure and stable setup for your yoga ropes.

While our yoga ropes are engineered to meet the demands of suspended poses, it is of paramount importance to ensure the security and stability of your wall anchor. Safety remains our foremost concern, so always use these ropes with a solid and securely mounted anchor point.

Versatile Applications:

With this duo of cotton wall ropes, you have the tools to diversify your yoga practice. The lower ropes offer reliable support for poses like Downward Facing Dog, helping you deepen your stretches and improve your alignment. The slightly longer upper ropes open up a world of possibilities for suspended yoga postures and enhancing your inversion practice.

Suitable for All:

Whether you're a yoga studio owner looking to provide your clients with premium equipment or an individual practitioner seeking to take your practice to the next level, our yoga accessory package is suitable for all. Elevate your yoga sessions with these ropes, and experience the difference in your poses and alignment.

Transform Your Practice:

With this set of high-quality yoga ropes, you can delve deeper into your stretches, enhance your balance, and explore new dimensions of your yoga practice. Achieve greater flexibility, build strength, and master challenging poses with the support and guidance of these top-tier ropes.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your yoga practice with this complete package. Order your duo of Cotton Wall Ropes with Hooks and Installation Hardware now and unlock new possibilities for your yoga journey!

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