Elevate Your Summer Yoga Practice with Ananda Hum's Yoga Clothes and Accessories

Elevate Your Summer Yoga Practice with Ananda Hum's Yoga Clothes and Accessories

With the summer season, it is time to prepare for your yoga practice with the perfect blend of comfort and style. Ananda Hum, is an online yoga boutique committed to ethical and sustainable practices, with a wide range of yoga clothes and accessories that are designed to enhance your practice and elevate your wardrobe. From handmade yoga shorts to eco-friendly yoga bras and traditional yoga mats, Ananda Hum has everything you need for a fulfilling and sustainable yoga experience this summer.

Comfortable and Stylish Yoga Shorts: Embrace Ananda Hum's Organic Cotton Blend

summer yoga shorts iyengar

Ananda Hum's handmade yoga shorts are meticulously crafted from a premium blend of 95% GOTS organic cotton and 5% Elastane. These shorts strike the perfect balance between coverage and breathability, ensuring a comfortable practice without being see-through. With elegant colors and sizes ranging from 36 to 42, Ananda Hum offers the perfect fit for every body type. The high-waisted design provides a unique naked-feel experience, allowing for easy tucking of your t-shirt and providing tummy control. Soft elastic bands around the thighs ensure freedom of movement, making these shorts ideal for practicing yoga in hot weather or as stylish layered looks for other outdoor activities.

Sustainable Yoga Shorts for Women: Discover Ananda Hum's Pune Type Collection

iyengar yoga shorts

Ananda Hum's Pune Type Yoga Shorts for Women are crafted with high-quality organic cotton sourced through fair trade practices. These shorts are dyed using natural dyes, ensuring a chemical-free experience during your practice. The minimalistic design features a single elastic band around the waist, providing a comfortable and secure fit while minimizing plastic waste. The soft and tight fit around the thighs allows for unrestricted movement, making these shorts suitable for various physical activities. Their lightweight and non-see-through fabric offers both coverage and comfort, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. By choosing the Pune Type Yoga Shorts, you support the environment and the artisans who make these sustainable shorts.

Breathable and Versatile Yoga Shorts: Ananda Hum's Tropical Pattern Collection

breathable yoga shorts swimwear

Ananda Hum's Breathable Type Yoga Shorts are handmade with a high-quality swimwear-type fabric that offers excellent breathability and quick-drying properties. The fabric is thick enough to prevent transparency, ensuring you can practice with confidence. The high-waisted design allows for easy tucking in of your t-shirt, while the large elastic band around the waist provides tummy control and a comfortable fit. Soft elastic bands around the thighs ensure unrestricted movement, making these shorts perfect for hot yoga or practicing in hot weather. Their quick-drying properties also make them versatile for beachwear or as a swimsuit alternative. Embrace the breathability and carefree spirit with Ananda Hum's Breathable Yoga Shorts.

Ananda Hum's Men's Yoga Shorts

Ananda Hum presents the Pune Type Yoga Shorts for Men, specially designed to elevate your yoga or workout wardrobe. Crafted with a high-quality blend of GOTS organic cotton and Elastane, these shorts provide a comfortable and flexible fit that moves with you during your practice. Sourced through fair trade and dyed using natural dyes, these shorts are not only comfortable but also ethically and sustainably produced. The single elastic band around the waist ensures a secure fit, and the soft and snug fit around the thighs allows for unrestricted movement. Lightweight and non-see-through, these shorts are suitable for various physical activities. By choosing the Pune Type Yoga Shorts for Men, you support the environment and the artisans involved in their creation.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Bra: Optimal Comfort and Medium Support

yoga bra eco friendly brown

Ananda Hum's yoga bra in a captivating shade of brown is designed to elevate your practice. Crafted from a flexible and moisture-transporting material, this sport bra ensures optimal mobility while keeping you dry throughout your yoga class. With its ribbed fabric and stylish crossed straps at the back, this sport bra combines functionality with a fashionable design. The adjustable straps provide a customizable fit, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the bra to your preferences. These yoga bras are made using a zero-waste mindset in their production, minimizing waste and carefully selecting fabric treatments that minimize their impact on the environment.

Natural Yoga Mats/Rugs: Embrace Tradition and Sustainability

summer yoga mats traditional rugs

Ananda Hum offers 100% natural, ecological, and biodegradable alternatives to standard yoga mats. These natural yoga mats are handmade using traditional techniques and support local handweavers. Using a traditional yoga rug not only enhances your yoga practice but also honors a millennial tradition. By opting for biodegradable yoga rugs, you show great respect for Mother Nature and reduce the amount of toxicity in your life, as many mats are made using harmful chemicals. Natural fiber yoga mats, such as cotton, provide better grip and absorb excess sweat. In addition to their functional benefits, these traditional yoga rugs look more natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Embrace the comfort, quality, and style of Ananda Hum's yoga clothes and accessories to elevate your yoga practice this summer. Choose conscious consumption and support ethical production while enjoying the benefits of eco-friendly yoga gear. Visit our online yoga boutique here.

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