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What is a Tongue Scraper?

Tongue scraping is an ayurvedic routine that cleans your tongue and removes bacteria from the entrance of the digestive tract. Your tongue & mouth represent the first step of the digestive process. Ensuring your tongue is clean and in optimal conditions improves the overall digestion, eliminates bad breath and enhances your sense of taste (cleaner taste buds).
Furthermore, Ayurveda (an ancient Indian alternative medicine directly linked to yoga) considers that our tongue is a roadmap of the body, where each section of the tongue corresponds to the different organs. Scraping your tongue softly would therefore offer a gentle organs massage.
Using a copper tongue scraper is ideal due to the anti-bacterial properties of such metal. It helps keeps is clean.

copper tongue scraper

How To Use Your Tongue Scraper?

how to use tongue scraper

Gently scrap your tongue in the morning, directly after you wake up and before drinking. As a matter of fact, your digestive system eliminates toxins while you sleep, a lot of these toxins are present on the surface of the tongue.

Stick your tongue out and allow it to relax down to enjoy the effect of the massage.

Depending on your health, your tongue is covered with a layer in the morning (white, yellow, thin or thicker). Gently remove this layer, working from back to front and rinsing your tongue scraper between each stroke. Repeat 5 to 10 times depending on the state of your tongue.

Follow with drinking a large glass of lukewarm water (you can add lemon juice and pieces of ginger to further cleanse and detox your body).

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