Introducing Carla - A Fascinating Blend of Yoga and Hindu Mythology

Introducing Carla - A Fascinating Blend of Yoga and Hindu Mythology

Recently, I stumbled upon the captivating Instagram posts of Carla, whose insightful and accessible explanations of yoga poses and Hinduism instantly drew me in. Carla's ability to demystify intricate concepts, especially within the realm of yoga, made me believe that my readers would greatly benefit from delving deeper into such enriching content.

I reached out to Carla, expressing my admiration for her unique approach, and to my delight, she graciously agreed to collaborate. This collaboration marks the beginning of a series where Carla will provide a fresh perspective on various yoga poses, infused with the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology.

To kick off this exciting journey, let's delve into the mystical realm of Trikonasana - the Triangle Pose.


trikonasana with props

In Hinduism, the number three is symbolized by the Trimurti: three forms of the same divine entity - Brahma (the creator), Shiva (the destroyer), and Vishnu (the preserver).

Legend has it that these three deities once engaged in a spirited debate over who deserved the most adoration. Unable to reach a consensus, they sent the sage Bhrigu on a quest to determine the ultimate supreme being.

Bhrigu, in his clever investigation, encountered each deity with a unique approach. What unfolded was a series of intriguing events, including a fiery encounter with Shiva and an unconventional interaction with Vishnu, ultimately leading to the declaration that Vishnu, with boundless love and compassion, was the most powerful.

The Sage's Test: Unveiling Vishnu's Compassion

As they couldn't come to an agreement, they decided to send the sage Bhrigu to conduct a research investigation to discover who was the most outstanding.

Bhrigu came up with a strategy: He went to Brahma's house and entered as if nothing was amiss, without properly greeting the God.

Brahma got angry, asking him what he was up to, but quickly forgave him because Bhrigu apologized properly.

Then, the sage went to Shiva's house and basically did the same thing as with Brahma... Shiva got a little more angry because he almost burned him, but he managed to calm him down and everything was fine.

Finally, he had to visit Vishnu, who was peacefully sleeping and couldn't perform his incorrect greeting act, so... why not? He kicked poor Vishnu in the stomach. Far from getting angry, Vishnu's first reaction was to ask if he had hurt his foot.

Bhrigu decreed that the most powerful God was Vishnu, as he is endowed with infinite love, kindness, and compassion.

🔸 He fights but doesn't hate. He loves but doesn't control. 🔸

Is there a God that resonates more with you?

About Carla, the writer

Carla is also known as on Instagram.

From a young age, Carla has been a bookworm with a penchant for exploring the realms of mythology and esotericism. Her academic journey led her to specialize in social and cultural anthropology, earning a doctorate in religious sciences from the University Complutense of Madrid. Simultaneously, Carla has been a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga, becoming a teacher in 2020.

Carla's approach to yoga involves a thorough understanding of its historical, philosophical, and religious context. She refrains from prescribing any one perspective as absolute, fostering an appreciation for the diverse schools of thought and movements within yoga.

Her passion for Hinduism and its mythology shines through as she skillfully weaves stories in a colloquial language, creating an engaging space for readers to enjoy and learn more about the spirituality that envelops the practice of yoga.


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