Refreshing Pranayama: Breathe to Cool Down

Refreshing Pranayama: Breathe to Cool Down

Breathing to Lower your Body Temperature

Besides all the yoga poses that help to cool the body, you can use yogic breathing to counter the side effects of heat. 

Also known as Pranayama, this breath technique is very thorough with many benefits such as mind/body connection, relaxation, health support, improved sleeping etc.  

In the heat, you should look at slowing down your breathing while practicing yoga (focus on long expirations). This lowers your heart rate, thereby providing a calming down effect. Your body temperature naturally decreases. 

A great breath technique used to further decrease the temperature of your body is sheetali. It brings lots of fresh air in. 

How to:

- Roll your tongue up in a tube like shape.

- Breathe in through the rolled up tongue.

- Slowly breathe out through your nose.

Repeat this cycle 10 to 15 times.

Your body naturaly cools down and gets purified.

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