organic cotton yoga wear

Organic Cotton Yoga Wear

Yoga brings you closer to your body. As you progress in your yoga journey, you develop greater awareness and feelings of self-love and care. Furthermore, you understand your connection to nature, the environement and others around you. By doing so, you start looking for ways to reduce your footprint as well as removing toxicity from your life (be it psychological or tangible in the form of cleaning products, creams etc).

When I founded Ananda Hum 3 years ago, I had a vision of an online yoga shop that would offer such products. Today, I have achieved that 85% of the yoga accessories I sell are natural, organic or made of recycled material and I will ensure I get to a 100% figure in the year to come. I also look for products made in fair working productions for a more loving planet.

Organic Cotton Shorts and Leggings:

organic cotton yoga shorts

These are designed and produced in our little workshop close to Barcelona and I buy GOTS certified cotton from a local supplier (Fabrisight) who is dedicated to providing the most eco friendly materials.

I am now working with a new supplier to add recycled plastic bottles yoga wear. Stay tuned!

Organic Cotton Yoga Tops:

organic cotton yoga top

I buy them from a local supplier who only uses organic cotton and colours (the colours are the natural cotton seed colours). No toxic products are used in the production processes.

Organic Yoga Accessories:

Cotton yoga straps, natural fibers yoga mats, wood yoga blocks, cotton silk bolsters and the list is long....

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