How to Store Yoga Mats?

How to Store Yoga Mats?

Yoga mats, like many other yoga accessories can take quite a bit of space. If like me, you live in a small flat, you might be looking for ways to store your yoga mat.

Beautiful Storing Solution for Yoga Mats

Looking around suppliers in Europe, I have found one dedicated to handmaking wooden yoga mat hooks. He makes them in 3 different woods: beech, afrormosia, and oak.  Yoga mat holders are gently sanded for extra smoothness and then treated with oil. And I am lucky enough to be promoting and selling them on my online shop!

Each set of 2 mat hooks is delivered with corresponding screws and wall anchors.

It holds 1 yoga mat as well as a couple of yoga straps. What a lovely way to create a little home yoga studio! 

They can also be used separately as simple hooks.

Last but not least: these yoga mat wall holders are also vegan friendly

If you would like more information like price, dimensions etc, check the yoga mat wall hooks page here.

yoga mat wall holder

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