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Free Downloadable Yoga Sequences - Beautiful!

I have been following Svenja´s instagram account (@svenjakarstens) for a while now, it is full of beautiful pictures and illustrations of Iyengar yoga poses with props as well as yoga sequences to learn from. As an Iyengar teacher and professional illustrator, she does a great job at posting high quality content.

She also owns a wonderful online shop where you can find posters of sequences (yoga sequence for menstruation, iyengar yoga sequences by level etc) as well as yoga inspired yearly calendars and many more...

Free Iyengar Yoga Sequences to Download

Svenja recently posted 2 yoga sequences you can freely download and wanted to share these gems with you!

- Yoga Sequence for COVID 19 Recovery

covid 19 yoga sequence  yoga sequence for covid 19 recovery

- Fall Detox Yoga Sequence

yoga sequence for detox in fall

You can download your free yoga sequences posters online here

Both yoga sequences incorporate a lot of yoga props. Click here if you are looking to buy organic yoga props online.

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