Cork Yoga Accessories: Vegan Organic Alternative

Cork Yoga Accessories: Vegan Organic Alternative

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If, like me, you are trying to get rid of plastic and other materials that do not break down easily, cork is a great alternative.

When I created Ananda Hum, I wanted to ensure I could offer yoga accessories that reduce our environmental footprint. I started looking for natural, organic products which are as much as possible biodegradable but also look and feel good.

Cork is an organic natural material extracted from the cork tree bark. It is totally biodegradable and vegan (PETA approved). Another interesting point is that cork trees completely regrow their bark and it even gets softer and stronger after getting cut so you are not harming cork forests when buying such eco-friendly products.

"Contrary to some propaganda, not a single tree is cut down to get the cork — cork extraction is one of the most environmentally friendly harvesting processes in the world." (Source:

cork tree harvest

Cork material is extremely soft by nature and it looks amazing. Each piece is unique and designed by Mother Nature herself. It is also highly durable and has natural antimicrobial properties. It is easily cleaned using soap and water. 

Summary of key features:
- Biodegradable
- Organic
- Friendly with cork trees
- Super Soft and Beautiful
- Naturally Anti-microbial
- Durable
- Vegan (PETA approved)

Here are the yoga cork accessories you can buy on our online shop (click on the link to see product):
- vegan organic cork yoga mats
- vegan organic cork yoga blocks
- vegan organic cork yoga massage balls
- vegan organic cork yoga mat strap
- vegan organic cork yoga mat bag

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