Chanting Mantras for Beginners

Chanting Mantras for Beginners

Mantra chanting is so easy and does not require any experience, yet it provides many mental, emotionnal and physiological benefits. So why not give it a try?

What are Mantras?

Mantras are a sound or affirmation (usually in sankrit) with a deep meaning and unique vibration/frequency creating an effect on the person chanting.

There are over 20K Vedic mantras, each with a specific vibration and sound harmony and with a concrete effect. They were developped around 1500 BCE in India and studied as a real science.

How do Mantras work?

Mantras are sound healers, like other cultures might use bells, gongs or sacred chants. Through a unique harmonious sound (or combination of sounds), they help rise the vibration of a particular aspect of your being or life that needs uplifting, thereby restablishing the vibrational harmony that was lost.
Let's think about it a minute, how do you feel when your favourite song plays? What about when you listen to the soft sound of waves or birds singing? Certain sounds have the power to uplift our spirits.
Albert Einstein: “Everything in life is Vibration”.

When do I need to Chant Mantras?

meditation mantrasYou might want to use mantras to feel better or to increase your energy or to help a person in need, to heal a relationship or to give yourself the strength needed or simply to relax.... the list is endless.
But on a more personal level... How do you know you lost vibrational harmony? You might be lacking energy, feeling unbalanced, experiencing physical discomfort or emotionally overwhelmed... 
Mantra chanting can heal, transform, created self-awareness and awaken you spiritually. There are mantras for everything that needs healing.

Easy mantras to get you started

Getting Ready to Chant Mantras

meditation mala necklaceBefore starting, make sure you listen to the mantras several times (easy to find them online) as the sound is super important.
Find a comfortable sitting position, close your eyes and breathe gently.
You might want to use a meditation necklace (japa mala) to keep count of the repetitions (malas are usually made of 108 beads, find out more about japa malas here) and benefit from the extra help of crystals.
If you do not feel like chanting out loud, you can also repeat the mantras in your head (you might not have the possibility to make noise where you practice). Do not worry, you will get the benefits anyhow.

Mantras and Breathing

Breathing is highly important when chanting (same as with singing). That is why you want to relax your breathing before starting. 
With One and two-syllable sounds, inhale and chant on exhalation. If you prefer chanting in your head, then you can:
- repeat one syllable sounds on exhalations
- inhale on the first syllable and exhale on the second syllable when chanting 2 sounds.

Easy Mantras

- meditation ritual sets mantras"OM": cosmic sound, pronounced "A-U-M". Its frequency aligns us with Nature and the divine within. It provides relaxation and healing.
- "SO HUM": I am the universe. Connects you with nature and your higher self.
- "SAT NAM": My essence is truth. Gives you the courage to live according to your true nature. It activates your fullest potential.
- "Aham Prema": I am Love. Activates love, empathy and compassion.
- Chakra Mantras: repeat these mantras to remove blocks and stimulate each  chakra (there are 7 main chakras or energy centers in your body)
stimulate and unblock each chakra.
You might want to repeat each chakra separately or one after the one (or only the one(s) you feel need unblocking).
  • Root chakra. “Lam”  - I am.
  • Sacral chakra. “Vam” - I feel.
  • Solar Plexus chakra. “Ram” - I do.
  • Heart chakra. “Yam” - I love.
  • Throat chakra. “Ham” - I speak.
  • Third eye chakra. “Aum” - I see.
  • Crown chakra. Silence


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