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8 Limbs of Yoga: Essential Stages Towards Liberation

Yoga means Union, union of the body, mind & soul. In the western world we too often believe yoga to be a series of postures performed to sweat and achieve relaxation, but there is a lot more to it; asanas (postures) are only a piece of the yogic philosophy. Patanjali, ancient yoga philosopher, identified 8 stages yogis should go through in order to achieve this perfect union. They are also referred to as "the eight limbs of yoga" or "ashtanga" and are a mix of discipline, physical & emotional cleansing and meditation that when practiced lead to a higher conscience and a meaningful liberated life. Let's take a look at each of them: 1. Yamas This is the first step...


Cork Yoga Accessories: Vegan Organic Alternative

If, like me, you are trying to get rid of plastic and other materials that do not break down easily, cork is a great alternative. When I created Ananda Hum, I wanted to ensure I could offer yoga accessories that reduce our environmental footprint. I started looking for natural, organic products which are as much as possible biodegradable but also look and feel good. Cork is an organic natural material extracted from the cork tree bark. It is totally biodegradable and vegan (PETA approved). Another interesting point is that cork trees completely regrow their bark and it even gets softer and stronger after getting cut so you are not harming cork forests when buying such eco-friendly products. "Contrary to some propaganda,...


Yoga Foot Massage Ball

Experiencing tightness and / or soreness in the sole of your feet? This simple foot massage ball might be the solution. Check out its benefits and try out a quick session!