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Are you looking to replace your plastic yoga mat by a more eco-friendly alternative? Look no further...

At Ananda Hum, we have looked for 100% natural, ecological and biodegradable alternatives to the standard yoga mat. All these natural yoga mats are handmade using traditional techniques and fairly support local handweavers.

Here are 5 reasons why using a traditional yoga rug is so much better:

1- Yoga, more than just exercise is a ritual. By using a traditional rug (together with burning incense and chanting mantras), you enter into "yoga mood" and honour a millennial tradition.

2- Ahimsa - non violence is the first ethical rule of yogic philosophy. It calls for a respect towards others, oneself, animals & the planet. Using 100% biodegradable yoga rugs is a way to show great respect towards Mother Nature.

3- Reduce the amount of toxicity in your life. Many mats are made using toxic products. Widespread bad chemicals used to make PVC mats more flexible and durable are Phthalates. They are harmful for humans and the planet. People with atopic skin should stay away from all these chemicals. They also smell bad...

4- if you tend to sweat and/or have sweaty hands (like me), plastic yoga mats are not your best friends, especially in downward facing dog... cotton and other natural fibre yoga mats are so much better as they absorb excess sweat and provide a great grip.

5- Aesthetics: they just look so much better that plastic ones, so much more natural and they feel amazing.

Know more about our organic yoga rugs:

Unlike most natural yoga rugs, they are non-skid thanks to a natural rubber layer on the bottom. This ensures that your mat "sticks" to the floor.

We offer a wide variety of yoga rugs

All of the following yoga rugs are real masterpieces, it takes up to 4 or 5 hours to hand weave each piece following traditional methods. They are hypoallergenic to care care for the most sensitive skins. You can click on each title to check the product.

- Banana Fibre Natural Yoga Rugs:

Hand woven in India, it is made of banana fibre and includes an anti-slippery rubber layer on the bottom. 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable
Dimensions: 69cm x 183cm - 27" x 72"

banana natural fibre yoga mat

- Organic Cotton Yoga Mat - Hand-Woven

 This colourful mat is composed of organic cotton and includes an natural rubber anti-slippery layer on the bottom so the rug stays in place. The green lines on each sides provide better grip to hands and feet in postures such as down facing dog.

Dimensions: 69cm x 183cm - 27" x 72"

organic cotton yoga mat

Organic Handmade Yoga Mat - Cotton and Jute Yarns

Beautiful organic yoga rug made of organic cotton and jute yarns + natural anti-slippery rubber on the bottom. Jute yarns are interspersed into a beehive pattern to provide better grip on both ends. 

Dimensions: 69cm x 183cm - 27" x 72"

natural fibre yoga rug

Organic natural Fibres Yoga Mat - Sambu & Jute

Sambu straws and jute fibres with anti-slippery rubber on the bottom. More than a rug, a real piece of art!

Dimensions: 69cm x 183cm - 27" x 72"

sambu jute yoga amt



You can check all our organic and natural yoga mats here.

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