Yoga Starter Kit for Home Practice

Ananda Hum is launching eco-friendly yoga kits!

Especially configured to meet your needs:

-Yoga kit 1: Do yoga at home

-Yoga kit 2: Bring your own yoga gear to class

-Yoga kit 3: Get all the yoga props for alignment and progress

-Yoga kit 4: Yoga for meditation and wellness

Solely made from 100% organic material to care for the environment while practicing yoga. 

Highly aesthetic, they feel soft, are free from smelly chemicals and they look amazing in your home. 

Let's take a closer look at the "do yoga at home" kit. This yoga gear kit includes:

- 1 Yoga Mat: 100% organic cork and natural latex (plant based)

- 2 Yoga Blocks: 100% organic cork

- 1 Yoga Strap: organic cotton

- 1 Yoga Mat Carrier Strap: organic cotton

Here are some pictures of the different pieces:

stay at home yoga kit  Organic yoga mat strap
yoga at home kit  yoga organic strap
And here is the link to the yoga at home kit to know more about the products.

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