Wonderful Yoga Sequence for Sore Knees

Wonderful Yoga Sequence for Sore Knees

I have been following this youtoube account for quite some time now and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great online Iyengar teacher.

In this particular video, Desa Yogi focuses on yoga postures for painful knees. Chronic knee pain is very common (amongst yoga practitionners and non practitionners) and proves very handicapping..

The sequence proposed in this video is made of yoga poses that strengthen, align and alleviate pain in the knees. 

Hope it can help improve your knee health & stability!

Some yoga accessories are great for sore knees:

- yoga cushions for knee pain

- yoga blankets (folded to provide knee padding)

- yoga belts (to be used as Desa Yogi explains it in the video).

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