yoga giveaway instagram


I am happy to share this yoga accessories giveaway with you!

You can find it on my Instagram page @yogaananadahum.

It is organised together with 4 other brands and is specially designed to pamper yourself and uplift your spirits. We have reached the middle of AUTUMN and most of us start feeling the lack of energy and strength (asthenia). This is set if especifically designed to help things brighten up!

yoga giveaway instagram

Yoga accessories Giveaway includes:

- a mug from @nomaste_oficial

- aromatic plant smoke from @indria_texturasdeindia

- a set of yoga cards from @yogacards - check the deck of yoga cards here.

- a yoga strap by @yogaye

- a meditation eye pillow by @yogaanandahum (me)

How to participate in the yoga giveaway:

🌟You must follow @nomaste_oficial @indria_texturasdeindia @yogacards @yogaye @yogaanandahum.
🌟Tag two friends in each comment.
🌟 Share the post in your story tagging @nomaste_oficial @indria_texturasdeindia @yogacards @yogaye @yogaanandahum
(if your account is private, you must send a screenshot to any of us to see your story)
🌟 The draw will be held on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7

💓 We wish you good luck! 💓

* Shipping costs included for mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands
* International Shipping Costs: borne by the winner

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