Revolved Triangle Tips in the Forest

Revolved Triangle Tips in the Forest

Taking your yoga practice outdoor? Looking for yoga postures to work on while in the forest?

Here is a great example of ways to deepen your yoga practice using nature as props.

While on hoiday, I did a bit of practicing after my morning walk in the woods and found fun and useful accessories to work improve the revolved triangle posture.

In sanskrit, this pose is called "parivrtta trikonasana". Here is a great tool to learn yoga poses and their names.

Parivrtta= Twisted

Trikona= Triangle

Asana= Pose

1- Pyramid Pose with Prop

Before getting into my revolved triangle, I like positioning the hips and stretching the upper body from the groins. In this posture, you can also firmly ground the feet and lock the knees. Look for a branch, rock or barrier that feels comfortable to you (it might be higher that the one I used), extend the back and lean your head gently on it.

 parsvottanasana with prop

 2- Easy Revolved Triangle

Gently twist from your lower back to your shoulders and head to the side. Your arm resting on the chosen accessory in order to extend the lower side and using this improvised yoga prop to further twist. Try and keep your hips in place (they should not slide to the sides) and your back foot stuck to the ground.

revolved triangle with prop

 3-  Deep Parivrtta Trikonasana with Side Extension

If you feel you can reach further down, lower your hand to the floor or somewhere on your leg where it feel comfortable enough (respect your body). Use this hand to further twist your body and extend the upper arm on the improvised yoga prop to exten and twist a little more.

revolved triangle extension

 4- Revolved Triangle with Tree as Prop

This variation of parivrtta trikonasana is usually done against a wall but I find trees to be a great replacement.

Place the side of the front leg hip against the tree and lean forward while twisting into the revolved triangle. Then place your hand where it feef comfortable (ground, foot, ankle or leg). Reach up to the tree with your upper arm to further twist your torso.

This is a great way to ensure your hip stays in place as the tree stops it from moving to the side. Remember to extend the upper body before twisting.

parivrtta trikonasana twist help

Hope you liked it! I will be posting more outdoors yoga tips soon!

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