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2 Ways to Store your Yoga Chair at Home

As an Iyengar yoga practitionner, I own a yoga chair (as well as many other yoga props). I also live in a flat with limited space. These 2 factors put together equal mess...

I have had to look for creative ways to store yoga accessories. I will share 2 of my ideas in this short blog post.

2 ways to store your yoga chair

I tried the hiding it behind a door thing but it creates dust and it is really not ideal... I really wanted 2 things: hide it and remove it from the floor). You might be lucky enough to have space in a storage cabinet but given the dimensions of the folded yoga chair, it is often not the case.  

Over-the-door Hangers: the easiest and quickest option to store away your yoga chair

I bought the one you see on the picture at Ikea and the model name is ENUDDEN (4 euros). But you can also get 2 single ones. 

how to store yoga chair

Foldable Hooks for Yoga Chair

I am not an Ikea fanatic, pure coincidence! These hooks are just great.

These foldable chair hooks are called Klykets, they are made of aluminium and come in a pack of 3. You will need 2 to support your chair and they are designed for 3 chairs. I guess you could also place your rolled up yoga mat on top. You will have to screw them onto the wall (screw are not included in the pack).

hook for yoga chair 

yoga chair storage support   yoga chair hooks

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