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  • biodegradable meditation cushion
  • organic cotton meditation cushion
  • meditation cushion handmade
  • washable meditation cushion
  • biodegradable meditation cushion organic
  • meditation cushion filled with buckwheat husks
  • comfortable meditation cushion
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Ananda Hum

Meditation Cushion - Organic and Biodegradable

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Material: Organic cotton exterior and interior covers and buckwheat husks 

Colour: light green


- Height: 15cm

- Diameter: 45cm

A meditation cushion, also called zafu helps relax the hips and legs in sitting position. it allows staying upright without fatigue or tension in the back for a long period of time. It is the perfect accessory for anyone wishing to meditate.

As most of Ananda Hum products, all materials used to create this handmade meditation cushion are organic and biodegradable.

Buckwheat husks offer perfect support. They move and take the shape of your body, creating a made to measure seat, making the cushion highly comfortable.  Organic buckwheat husks are free free from harmful chemicals and 100% biodegradable.