Keep your Yoga Mat Clean and Smelling Fresh!

Keep your Yoga Mat Clean and Smelling Fresh!

I really like this trick to keep your yoga mat fresh and odourless. I found it on the blog of Young Living Essential Oils and it works pretty well.

It is quick, efficient and 100% natural.

Ingredients needed:

- 1 cup of water

- ¼ cup of witch hazel

- 10 drops of Tea Tree oil

- 10 drops of Lavender oil

- 1 spray bottle.

You can spray this cleansing lotion on your yoga mat after each session and wipe it with a cloth. Your Spray down mat keeps clean and smells fresh! Furthermore, lavender and tea tree essential oils calming aroma maximises your yoga practice.

If you do not wish to buy all these ingredients, you can also opt for the following mix:

1 cup of water and 20 drops of purification essential oils blend.



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