Yoga & The Importance of Rituals

Yoga & The Importance of Rituals

importance of rituals

The practice of yoga, beyond the general well-being it provides, can be described as a true ritual. It follows "a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order".

Humans thrive for rituals, repeated actions. In todays World, we consume actions, activities, look for updated versions and forget to take the time to live the practice, make it ours, feel comfortable doing it and feel it within our soul ❤️.

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Yoga has a lot to offer in that sense and alongside the emotional and physical stability it provides, a true feeling of general balance can be achieved through its ritual.

Currently reading the book "The disappearance of rituals" by Byung-Chul Han on the subject, truly inspiring and providing lots of food for thought 💡.

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Make your yoga practice a ritual with these accessories: yoga ritual accessories.

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