Yoga against Coronavirus

Yoga against Coronavirus

While "battling" against Mr. Coronavirus, mixed feelings emerge: fear, anxiety, stress, anger... Whether your are fearing for your health or your loved ones, stuck at home getting anxious, stressed looking to organise the coming days with your kids and/or angry at your government's actions, try and take a deep breath and reconnect to the present moment: we are all in it together. Let's enjoy and savour this moment and make the most of it.

Yoga is your perfect ally to go through these tough times healthy both physically and mentally. This ancestral tradition provides tools to boost your immune system, calm your mind, improve breathing and give you the physical excercise you need while staying indoors. For those who have been infected, it provides many tools to cleanse sinuses, help breathing and regain energy.

First of all, here is a couple of sequence aimed at improving your immune system in the morning and in the evening:

yoga to fight virus

This immune sequence originated in the Iyengar Institute in Pune (India) to fight against a flu epidemy some years ago.

Do not forget to use your neti pot to cleanse sinuses and continue breathing:


You can find a thorough article on this device and how to use it


neti pot clean nose colds

Aromatherapy is also a great way to stay healthy. Many essential oils can be used throughout the day. I will provide a list later this week.

In the meantime.... stay healthy my friends!


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