Taking your Yoga Sling on Holiday

Taking your Yoga Sling on Holiday

Want to keep up your yoga practice while on holiday? Pack up your yoga alignment sling to help you correct and deepen yoga postures. It is light enough and does not take much space making it easily packable. It is a great replacement of the yoga ropes found in Iyengar yoga studios (AKA yoga kurunta).

How to use my yoga sling?

how to yoga sling

Although we call it “door strap”, you can use it on hooks, tree branches, barriers, fences or any fixed bar.  Some also call it a yoga swing because of its swing like shape. You just need to ensure it is stable enough and can bear the weight of your body.

Click the following link to see how to place your yoga sling onto a door.

Depending on the yoga pose and where you place it, it provides support, alignment, relaxation, body opening, and a sense of direction. It is a great yoga accessory to deepen your practice or if you are looking for a standing restorative yoga support.

yoga sling for downward dog

Here are some examples of uses of your yoga sling

In Adhomukha and uttanasana, use it around the hip, into the groins to traction the thighs back and liberate the front part and sides of the body. It also frees the groins region and relieves lower back pain (especially enjoyable if you suffer from the sacrum).
yogar door sling forward bendIf you are a yoga beginner, the yoga sling traction will help give you the correct direction of the downward dog pose (buttocks up, feet should push down but not necessarily touch the ground yet, the upper body extend towards the hands.

A simple yet powerful backbend with your yoga sling is urdhva mukha svanasana (upward facing dog) but it is done vertically and not lying down. It is a great shoulder opener too.

upward dog with yoga sling

Want to learn more about this yoga stretch strap? Check out our detailed blog article: what is a yoga sling and how to use it.

Buy your yoga sling online here.

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