Store your Water in a Copper Bottle this Summer!

Store your Water in a Copper Bottle this Summer!

Beautiful Copper Water Bottles

hammered copper water bottle

Looking for a great looking bottle to store water at home? These copper water bottles are handcrafted by Indian artisans using traditional artcraft. They offer a 1L storage with the benefits of  copper. More than a bottle, it is a real piece of home decoration.

It is also a great alternative to plastic water bottles. Use a water filter directly on your tap, fill up your copper water bottle and reduce your environmental footprint.

Ayurveda (traditional yogic medicine) recommends drinking water from copper bottles & cups for its many health benefits. To name but a few: anti-bacterial, makes the water alkaline, supports skin health, prevents aging...).

copper water bottle with bag

Here is some more information on the product:

Dimensions: 27cm (height) x 7cm (diametre) - 10.6'' x 2.8''
Material: 100% copper with a rubber gasket
Capacity: 1L

Available in plain or hammered styles. It comes equipped with an organic cotton bag.

Buy your water copper bottle online here.

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