Recommended Book: LOVE WARRIOR

Recommended Book: LOVE WARRIOR

I just finished reading Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle and have so much to say about it... But first of all, go and get a copy!!!

A friend read it and fell totally in love with it. She kept on mentionning it to me and made sure I got a copy and read it. At first, I thought... what's so great about an autobiographic piece on a recovering bulimic and alcoholic... Let's face it, our poor world is full of films and books on the same topic. But I eventually gave it a chance (a bit because I knew my friend would ask me what I tought of it) and packed it in my suitcase. I only started it on the last day of my holiday, once I had finished reading all the magazines I had bought. My motivation to start it was really low... who wants to read all this misery during vacation????

Trust me, this book is absolutely amazing! A must-read. I finished it in a few days (read it everywhere and anytime I could escape from my children). Glennon Doyle opens up in such a way, she dissects her emotions, her relationship to her body in an incredible way. I recognised myself and so many women I know in her book and believe we should all read it.

It fits so nicely in this blog section as it is such an easy way to explain yoga. Indeed, yoga means "Union": union of our body with our mind and ultimately with our true nature (our essence, soul). This book is a quest to re-unite all of these parts. It basically explains the core of what yoga is/does. Love warrior makes me think of this beautiful posture, the warrior, where we look beautiful, stable, ready and aligned. The 2 words balance vulnerability (love) and strength (warrior). We often place them in 2 separate categories but don't they belong together? To embrace our own vulnerability is a real act of strength and love to ourselves.

If you wish to understand yoga, get to know yourself better, become more beautiful and love yorself truly, read this book.

Thank your "G" for sharing your story and wisdom with us!

Namaste my dear Yogis. 

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