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Eco Friendly Yoga Accessories! Freshly arrived!

Here is an overview of the eco yoga accessories that I received a few days back from India. All these items are selected carefully so that they care for you and the environment:

- Organic and biodegradable: good for the planet and your health (no toxic material or treatment and fishy smells)
- Soft and comfortable

- Beautiful: surrounding your meditation and yoga practice with beautiful accessories provides a feeling of awe.

- Fairly traded: fair prices and good working conditions for the artisans

- Promotion and conservation of the local artcraft- Sustainable packaging from the supplier.

Natural Yoga Mats

These yoga rugs are made using natural fibers (cotton, recycled cotton, banana tree fibers) and have a natural rubber treatment to prevent from slipping. They can also be used as home decoration rugs.

To go with these organic yoga mats, 2 great mat accessories: organic cotton mat slings, organic cotton mat bags and yoga knee cushions (for delicate knees).

Click the link to know more about our eco yoga mats and accessories.

Organic Yoga Straps

The number one accessory for yoga practitioners. Super versatile, it provides help to the less flexible, gives direction to your body but also provides a restorative feeling. I sometimes use up to 3 straps in certain yoga pose variations.

Click the image below to buy this organic yoga strap online.

natural yoga straps

Yoga Bolsters

organic yoga bolster

Organic cotton and organic silk cotton filling to make it a truly biodegradable bolster. I use it daily for restorative yoga poses. It really helps to open and relax the body.

Organic yoga bolsters online.

restorative yoga bolster

Copper Ayurvedic Accessories

Copper is widely used in Ayurveda (traditional yogic medicine) for its many benefits (antifacterial to name one). There are many accessories made of copper in India. I have selected 3 for you: copper tongue scrappers (a super healthy routine to remove bad bacterias from your digistive system), copper water bottles and beautiful meditation copper candles. You can check out these copper ayuvedic accessories here.

copper yoga accessories

Natural Meditation Accessories

Straight from India, organic and naturally scented incenses and eye pillows. Take your meditation experience to the next level!

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