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How to Revolved Triangle with Yoga Props

Tips to twist down into your revolved triangle

Parivrtta trikonasana requires a lot of little body adjustments. It is difficult to enjoy this yoga pose if your body is not ready to get into the full low twist.

But wait! There are many ways to get the benefits of the revolved triangle at any stage of your yoga journey: beginners, less flexible, experienced practitionners as well as people with injuries can adapt the pose in order to really stay in it and enjoy its effects.

In this short video, I am showing a few variations of parivrtta trikonasana with yoga accessories.

If you do not have a yoga chair, use another type of chair or a table. Make sure the height is the one that makes you work without stressing your body so you can gently evolve into the pose. Replace blocks with a couple of thick books or any other item that is hard enough to bear your weight.

1st step:

extend your body forward with your hips aligned (with your forward leg). Keep your legs firm and feet grounded. Work on balance.

Find the height that will help extend straight forward (chair, table etc) and rest both arm on it until you feel you have reached your best extension while keeping feet and hips locked.

2nd step:

Once you have fully extended your body, twist from the lower back and place your hand on the yoga block (you can place it vertically if needed). To begin with, you might want to place your hand on the chair seat. Take your time, it is better to lower less, get the benefits of the pose keeping your body aligned.

Here is an image of the simplified higher revolved triangle. Your body still works and benefits from the extension and twist but without strain. You can just stay there if you wish.

simplified revolved triangle

3rd step:

Reach your arm up and open your chest. Continue extending forward and twist upwards. 

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