Brand New Japa Malas: Work on your Emotions

Brand New Japa Malas: Work on your Emotions

A brand new collection of japa malas especially designed and made by hand to accompany you during your meditation practice but also in everyday life. Click the following link to know more about japa malas, where they originate and how to use them.

We have carefully selected the gemstones mix to provide the support you need at a particular time. Each gemstone has a particular energetic vibration that acts as emotional support and healing of a specific wound or weakness. Gemstones also enhance certain aspects of your being or provide more clarity. Each acts on a specific chakra (or group of chakras), elevating its energy, balancing it or acting on blockages. Wearing a mala proves very soothing when going through hard times when we are most vulnerable. The gems might not change things from one day to the other but they support you in the process, like a faithful companion or a lucky charm.

All the below listed meditation malas are made of 108 high quality beads.

meditation mala calm liberation

Japa Mala for Calm and Liberation

This yoga mala was designed to promote calm and breed patience especially in moments where you need to let go and start a new life. If you are going through a hectic time involving changes, this is your perfect companion

Beads: Aquamarine, beige howlite and light wood.

abundance japa mala

Japa Mala for Abundance and Happiness

Looking for a more abundant happy life? This yoga necklace will accompany you in the process increasing your intuition, helping you kick-start an initiative, attracting prosperity and surrounding you with positive joyful energy.

Beads: mother of pearl, acai seed, fire agate and calcite.

divine feminine love japa mala

Japa Mala for Unconditional Love and Sacred Feminine

My all-time favourite: a mix of gemstones only that works on self-love and inner strength, harmonious relationships, healing emotional wounds and the feminine within… Beautifully powerful!

Beads: rose quartz, moonstone and green agate.

spirituality japa mala

Japa Mala for Spirituality

This is a meditation mala especially made to elevate your meditation experience to the next level. The gemstones work on the 3 higher chakras to help you connect with the spiritual world while promoting a calm, positive and stable energy vibration.

Beads: purple jade, blue jasper, howlite and light wood.

protection japa mala

Japa Mala for Protection

Need extra protection and strength? This yoga mala is the one you are looking for. The mix of gemstones supports grounding, balance, and healing. It soothes anxiety and stress replacing it with positive energy.

Beads: hematite, tiger eye, howlite and beautiful wood.

Check out our beautiful selection of meditation malas here.

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