Natural fiber yoga mat

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat: Natural Fibers Handmade

Make your yoga practice 100% natural

This natural yoga rug is a great alternative to the synthetic materials usually used in yoga mats. Lets look at what makes it a perfect yoga mat.

Natural Yoga Rug

natural fiber yoga rugThe material used to produce this eco-friendly mat is 100% bio-degradable, natural and hypo-allergenic (it cares for most delicate skins). It includes a natural anti-slippery rubber on the bottom to provide good grip.

It iis made of handwoven banana fiber that has the property to provide thermal balance (warm in winter and cool in the summer) and it is perfect for sweaty hands (no risk of sliding). They have a natural smell unlike the smelly synthetic alternatives.

Super Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Banana fibers are coming from agricultural waste, a renewable material. In India, banana farming generates approximately 500,000 tones of banana trunk wate every year. The fibers used in these mats are extracted from this waste.

Ethical and Fair Trade Process

handmade yoga matsHand woven with entirely natural extract:

- the banana fibers are extracted by hand without causing damage to the tree. This is done by local workers.

- the fibers then go through various treatments that made it more durable and easy to weave (again all natural).

- they are then hand woven by old rural artisan. 


Your contribution when buying this mat

Support a Human Project: all workers involved in the process are fairly paid. By supporting this project, you contribute to the preservation of this beautiful craft (that is on the verge of disappearing).

Care for the Planet: using renewable materials that are totally biodegradable.

Practical Information

Dimensions: 69cm x 183cm - 27" x 72"

Weight: 1.2 KG

Wash: Hand wash using a damp clothes or a mat cleaning spray. an be Hand washed and to be dried in sun light. 

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Natural yoga mat



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