This Christmas, Opt for Eco-Friendly Yogi Presents

This Christmas, Opt for Eco-Friendly Yogi Presents

What presents to Buy Yoga Practitionners?

You want to please someone who practices yoga this Christmas? Here is a list of great Christmas gifts for yogis. Apart from being useful, they are beautiful, natural and they care for the planet. If you are a yoga practitionner yourself... self-gifting is a great way to treat yourself (and I know what I am talking about ;-))

yoga gift sets

1- Complete Yoga Gift Sets:

Is yoga part of your New Year's resolutions? Looking for a gift for someone who is starting practicing yoga? Check out our yoga gift sets here.

2- Yoga Accessories to Enhance the Yoga Experience:

Any yogi loves adding new accessories to their yoga routine. Looking to acquire a new one? We have a wide selection to offer!

3- Looking for a yoga gift under EUR 25

yoga cards gift

A great one is the deck of yoga cards: very unique, it includes a lot of information on poses, how to use yoga props, building yoga sequences as well as teaching you yoga poses names.

Or maybe a gorgeous copper water bottle traditionally made in India...

4- Yoga clothing gifts

All yogis are fond of comfortable, good looking apparel. We have started introducing handmade organic cotton yoga clothes too. Check out our yoga clothing page as we will be launching more eco-friendly alternatives soon!

5- Malas as Personalised Christmas Gifts

yoga mala

Malas are yogi necklaces used for meditation but also for their gems properties. You can either select from our wide range of yoga malas or design the right one with our help. Check our meditation malas here.

6- Yoga Gift Vouchers

Not sure what to get? Last minute gift? We will email a yoga gift voucher for you to print!

Happy eco-friendly shopping and Best Season's Greetings! 

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