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New Comfy Yoga Shorts: Tropical Pattern.

Looking for super comfy yoga shorts? Look no further....

Our brand new design looks amazing and is super comfortable thanks to:

high waist yoga shorts

- an ultra-light breathable beachwear type fabric (it is not see through if you wondered).

- a fitted yet non sticky cut: us women know how uncomfortable super skinny material can feel... these shorts follow your curves yet lets you bend, rotate (and be bloated) while being able to breathe.

- high waist for better looks and to easily tuck your top in it if needed.

- the large elastic band that provides tummy control. It is soft to provide extra room for breathing or for these days when we need it.

- soft elastics round the thighs so that you can bend down without showing your back side.

Order online: tropical yoga shorts.

yoga shorts

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